UN Global Compact

jest największą na świecie inicjatywą ONZ na rzecz społecznej odpowiedzialności biznesu i wspierania zrównoważonego rozwoju. Od momentu inauguracji w 2000 roku przez Sekretarza Generalnego ONZ Kofi Annana, do Inicjatywy przystąpiło już ponad 12 000 członków ze 145 krajów.

Globalna baza członków UNGC.

Nowa strategia UN Global Compact oraz globalna polityka członkowska na rok 2018 


 The state of our world demands collective action and partnerships as never before. In our capacity as the United Nation’s flagship for responsible business action, the UN Global Compact is being called upon to deliver even greater ambition and impact.

From climate change to poverty eradication, the clarion call is clear. Accelerating and amplifying the engagement of the international business community is the only way we will achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Climate Agreement.

This is why your leadership and financial commitment are so essential to our mission. As we scale up our efforts and increase our impact around the world, we need your support.

Starting in 2018, we will ask all business participants with annual revenues over USD 50 million to make a required annual contribution, while preserving the voluntary nature of global engagement for smaller enterprises.

In January, the UN Global Compact was beginning a new year of action and impact. Many leading companies from around the world have now joined the UN Global Compact Action Platforms and are working together to raise our collective ambition to meet the SDGs. Globally and on the ground through over 70 Local Networks, leaders like you are acting responsibly through our Ten Principles and finding new opportunities to advance broader UN goals.

Now, we’re delighted to share more about what comes next in 2018, including the bold actions we need to take together for people and planet, while at the same time delivering even greater value to you.

Starting in January 2018, the UN Global Compact will offer two distinct engagement tiers to suit your company’s needs: Participant or Signatory. This will allow you to create the most value from your participation throughout the UN Global Compact. To help you further innovate, collaborate and take action, as well as to track our collective progress, the UN Global Compact and our Local Networks will provide increased support, generate new tools and resources, and convene multi-stakeholder experts.

In order to engage in either tier, companies will be asked to make a required annual financial contribution, which will fund the delivery of programmes and services to you at both the global and country level. Later this year in Q4, you will be able to select your preferred engagement tier; and in the meantime, we will share regular updates in collaboration with your Local Network. Given our strong and growing offerings, we hope that you will opt to become a full Participant of the UN Global Compact.

Participant :

Companies will be able to access the full suite of leading UN Global Compact and Local Network activities, global Action Platforms, tools and resources, networking and partnership opportunities, events and workshops, and more. Participants may also use a “UN Global Compact Participant” logo and media kit to communicate their level of engagement and commitment. To engage at this robust level, companies who choose this tier must make a required annual financial contribution, based on annual gross revenue or sales.


Companies engaged in this entry-level tier will have access to basic UN Global Compact and Local Network resources and materials. Signatories may use a “UN Global Compact Signatory” logo and media kit to communicate their level of engagement and commitment. To engage at this basic level, companies with revenue over USD 50 million must make a required annual financial contribution, also based on annual gross revenue or sales. Signatories with annual gross revenue/sales under USD 50 million are asked only to make a financial contribution to engage with the Local Network in their country.


You can play a vital role in achieving the Global Goals and strengthening the Paris Agreement. Our generation can be the one to end poverty; just as we may be the last generation with a chance to save our planet.

We thank you for your continued commitment to our shared vision, and look forward to working with you to create the world we all want.