PRECOP27 White Paper

The pandemic and the crises (energy, food, macro-economic) following the war in Europe have not invalidated global action to stop the climate crisis. The specific situation is a source of complication, while at the same time creating new opportunities for acceleration – where climate protection goals have become consistent with the need to ensure energy security or with ambitions of independence from fossil fuels, increasing self-reliance and resilience in the face of possible oppression and subsequent crisis phenomena. And these will continue to happen – which is why there is a growing need for sustainable, systemic solutions.

Precop 27 conference, organized by Nations Global Compact Network Poland and the PTWP Group, was an excellent opportunity to develop recommendations for COP 27. The „White Paper” is a collection of these recommendations, created by representatives of business, science and politics world.

„The implementation of climate policy goals, which is delayed every year, forces us to take decisive action here and now. PRECOP, being a conference preparing recommendations for the climate summit, gives hope for increasing interest in the subject of climate summits and climate change itself among Polish decision-makers, business and due to the inclusive nature, for everyone interested in the topic. (…) Our great success is that we have managed to frame the activities carried out in Poland within the framework of PRECOP27 and create a space where, in consultation with representatives of European and international institutions, the position of Polish business towards climate challenges was agreed, which will be discussed at the upcoming COP 27 summit. „ Kamil Wyszkowski, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network Poland

We encourage you to read the White Paper and the recommendations prepared during the Precop 27 conference – White_paper_PRECOP27